Hi All, welcome to Kiriosities, a blog devoted to living a life full of adventure, healthy choices, and an abundance of happiness! 


The goal of Kiriosities is to bring together likeminded individuals to discuss and bond over life, love, healthy living, new adventures, and everything in between. I am constantly changing my mind, and coming up with new ideas about what I want to be doing, and how I can use my creative energy. This blog is the latest manifestation of that creativity.

My hope is to bring you content that sparks your creative side, and gives you the motivation and inspiration to live the happiest, most fulfilling life! This blog is also a place for me to share my own stumbles and missteps as I make my way through this crazy journey that we call life. My journey isn't always well planned, or well executed, but it is mine and that is perfect to me. 

Cheers to adventure, creativity, and the power to LIVE!