Lifestyle Changes

As I'm sure most of us know, transitioning in life is extremely difficult. Whether it be a new job, moving to a new place, or simply making some lifestyle changes, it definitely takes a serious amount of motivation to get started.

In my case, I just moved to Montana this month. Having only (really) lived in Massachusetts, it has been a HUGE change. The altitude was kicking my ass in the beginning, and getting used to the overall relaxed lifestyle was definitely a new sensation for me. I think the hardest part, however, has been trying to get into the habit of living a more healthy lifestyle. Back on Nantucket I was surrounded by unhealthy restaurant food, copious amounts of adult beverages, and not enough time to exercise to burn those unnecessary calories off. Here, I am having trouble because I have so much free time (work doesn't begin until December 2nd) that I am having a hard time making myself get up in the morning and get moving. (I know, I know - is she really complaining about too much free time? Don't get me wrong, I am definitely enjoying it, but it has taken away my "get up and go" attitude for the moment!)

So, my newest solution (and revelation) is my camera! Instead of focusing on myself, and how hard it is to get motivated to get healthy and get moving, I am going to use the motivation I have to get my photography portfolio where I want it to be, and to get me outside and into the beautiful scenic views that Montana has to offer! The journey into the outdoors begins tomorrow with a trip to Yellowstone National Park. Check back for pictures and some short vignettes about the scenery!

Until then, here is the most recent addition to my portfolio, taken up near the ski resort Bridger Bowl. A short 20 minute drive from my house, the mountain range is beautiful, and quite the sight at sunset. I'm sure I'll say this many times in the coming months, but the sky out here is bigger than anything I have ever seen. It is too beautiful for words.




Big Sky and Back