Life on Tap: Bridger Brewing Company

Confession: This blog post is so late that I don't even remember when it happened. BUT it did happen, so that's something. 

Several (?) weeks ago, Pete and I headed out to Bridger for a couple of hours to get some runs in. I hadn't snowboarded in well over a year, and although I managed to make it off the lift without falling (Patrick Tomczyk you know what an accomplishment that is), I did take a few diggers on the actual hill. Needless to say, I was in desperate need of an adult beverage after our time on the slopes, so we decided to check out a new place - Bridger Brewing Company. 

Located right next to campus, BBC (I know, another BBC!) is a hot spot among students at MSU, although it was fairly empty when we wandered in. The space is rather large, with a bar in the middle that forms a large rectangle, seating on all sides. The tap system is in the middle of the bar, allowing patrons from all sides and angles to view their beers being poured. A combination of bar tables, and lower restaurant tables surround the bar on all sides, in addition to a more relaxed seating area in one corner. At the back of the restaurant, an open kitchen comes into view, with chefs furiously hand-tossing pizza dough and sliding it into the oven. 


The menu isn't very large - some starters, salads, and specialty pies - perfect for the post-ski brain malfunction. Pete and I chose some bread to start, and decided on a large pizza to split. The drafts are listed on a chalkboard behind one side of the bar, and the selection has something for everyone. We each tried several beers, my favorite being the Bridger Blond Ale. 

It didn't take long for our food to come out, and we scarfed down the bread almost instantaneously. The bread was served with a creamy goat cheese and roasted red pepper spread which was phenomenal. Next up? The pizza! We decided on the "T-Rex", which consists basically of meat - gotta have your protein after being on the slopes, right? The pizza was huge, and so delicious, we'll definitely be going back again. 

 Nice and fresh out of the oven, with a goat cheese and red pepper spread, yum!

Nice and fresh out of the oven, with a goat cheese and red pepper spread, yum!


It wasn't too long after the pizza came that I found myself experiencing a full-on food coma. Pete helped me out and finished off the last slice, and we sat a while longer to enjoy our brews. Minutes later, another group sat near us at the bar, and we found out about the happy hour specials going on. Naturally, we caved and purchased a growler (filled with the Vigilante IPA) to add to our collection, and soon after we were on our way. Bridger Brewing is a great apres ski spot, with pizza cooked to perfection, and a relaxing atmosphere to help you wind down from skiing the Cold Smoke. We'll be back!


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